Organic Plant It

Seeds Grown By Nature.

Plants Grown With Love.

All organic seeds offered by Organic Plant It are non-treated, non-GMO and grown organically.


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100% Organic Seeds

Always Natural

Organically grown food is healthier. Eating organic foods reduces your exposure to pesticides and insecticides. Scientific research continues to demonstrate the health benefits to both humans and the environment of growing and consuming organic foods. It all starts with organic seeds.

100% Non-GMO

We’re gardeners, not scientist

Most of us want to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms: We don’t want to consume glyphosates, the active ingredient in most herbicides. Many crops are genetically modified so that they won’t be killed by the weed killer; they can be drenched in it. All our seed is untreated.

100% Chemical Free

No Spray Zone!

A number of pesticides contain carcinogens. Harsh garden chemicals kill beneficial organisms. Grow a beautiful garden without toxic chemicals.