A collection of organic FAQs about our seeds, orders, organic gardening and other useful information. If you still don’t see what you’re looking for please drop us a line.


What do I do if there was something wrong in my order received?

If you are missing a packet, received the wrong packet, or got an empty packet, just give us a call at (440)799-9452. Or you can email us at organicplantit@gmail.com and we will get the correct packet out to you.


How long will seeds store before they will not grow when planted?

Depending on the type of seed, and the environment in which it is stored, seeds can last anywhere from 1-10 years or more before the germination rates will decline.  Tomato and cucumber seeds typically can last up to 10 years, while parsnip seeds will start to decline after only a year. To help your seeds hold their viability for as long as possible, make sure you store your seeds in an airtight container.  Put that container in a cool, dry, dark spot, or put it in your freezer. If you do freeze your seeds, just make sure you let them come to room temperature before you open the seed packets, to help prevent condensation inside of the packet.

Will I be able to save seeds for the next year from all of your vegetables that you have for sale?

“I am new to heirloom seeds, so I have a few questions: Will I be able to save seeds for the next year from all of your vegetables that you have for sale?”
Yes, our seeds are open-pollinated heirloom seeds, so as long as you follow guidelines to prevent cross-pollination, you can save the seeds from the vegetables you get from our seeds.

Are your seeds organic?

All our seed is untreated, and we sell only non-GMO open-pollinated varieties. ALL of the seeds we offer are grown organically. However, we are not a Certified Organic seed operation. So none of the seed we offer can be labeled or described as Organic.

Growing Tips

What can I grow in my area?

We suggest you talk with your local county extension agent, or master gardener’s club to see what does well in your area.  You can also send us an email at organicplantit@gmail.com and we can make some suggestions.

I would like to grow several types of peppers. Do I need to separate pepper types to prevent cross-pollination? If so, how much spacing between pepper types?

Yes, peppers cross pretty freely, and the bees carry the pollen up to about 500 feet. Even though peppers come in 4 different main species, experts say that sometimes crossing can even occur between species as well. Separate them by 500 feet, or cage your seed-producing plants, or bag a few seed-producing bloom before they open, to assure purity.


Any suggestion on the best way to eradicate Squash Bugs or Beetles coming on my Squash Plants?

Pyganic is probably the best organic spray out there for squash bugs. It’s pyrethrum-based and is supposed to have a quick knock-down effect on them.