Seeds per packet: 15

Black Strawberry Tomato

Latin Name:

Solanum lycopersicum Black Strawberry

Fantastic, sugar-sweet tomato flavor, that is fruity, with a hint of grape and plum flavors. This 1-ounce fruit is marbled in blue, scarlet and gold. A bowl full resembles a luminous and luxurious bunch of gems, and indeed the flavor is decadent and indulgent, with perfectly sweet and tart balanced flavor! This extremely productive and early variety makes it an obvious choice for gardeners.

Pack of 15 seeds


Black Strawberry is a cross of Bosque Blue with Strawberry Tiger. It is one of the most striking cherry tomatoes you can grow. The flavor is outstanding as well. plants produce a very beautiful, round, striped saladette with antho splash on the shoulders. Red and juicy flesh with good tomato flavor.


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