Seeds per packet: 15
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Habanada Sweet Pepper

Latin Name:

Capsicum chinense Habanada

The world’s first truly heatless habanero! Bred by well-known organic plant breeder Michael Mazourek, Habanada is the product of natural breeding techniques. These exceptional snacking peppers have all of the fruity and floral notes of the habanero without any spice (even the seeds are sweet and add to the flavor).

Pack of 15 seeds


Tangerine colored fruits featuring the brilliant floral flavor of a habanero pepper without the heat. A breeding triumph of Michael Mazourek from Cornell University, this beautiful, specialty pepper brings all the complexity and sweetness of a habanero pepper but has no kick. This variety has been selected and perfected for over a decade and is sure to become a favorite of market growers, chefs and adventurous home cooks for its unique applications.


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