Seeds per packet: 5

Murakumo Morning Glory

Latin Name:

Ipomoea nil Mura Kumo

Murakumo is a great morning glory, with amazing 5-6-inch blooms. Aptly nicknamed “gathering clouds” morning glory, stormy dark-violet disks are streaked with clouds of white, making a bold contrast against light green, slightly variegated foliage.

Pack of 5 seeds


This Japanese Morning Glory has giant purple blooms with white streaks and stripes and different patterns.  Some blooms can be  all purple,some can be blue on half, and white on the other half, and some have showy stripes and streaks.  This flower "Murakumo"  is named for clouds that gather before a rain in Autumn in Japan.
 In addition to a proliferation of purple blooms, this one also has attractive foliage.


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