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Elephant Head Amaranth

Latin Name:

Amaranthus Elephant Head

Huge dark burgundy red plumes look as if an elephant is raising its trunk into the air. A long timer bloomer that grows to 5 feet, grabbing attention in the garden. It is also an excellent cut flower. An heirloom that was brought here from Germany in the 1880’s.

Uses:  Cottage gardens, accent plant, containers, cut flowers, edible leaves and seeds.

Pack of 100 seeds


This heirloom was brought to the USA from Germany in the 1880s and so named because te huge flower heads often take on the appearance of an elephant's trunk. The 3- to 5-foot plants produce flowers that are deep reddish-purple in color.

Warm season, New World native adds lots of color to the garden. This crop is easy to grow and makes delicious greens and grain. A good ornamental plant for landscaping. Amaranth seed is one of the most complete proteins available from any plant. Direct sow the tiny seeds when soil is warm, barely covering, and thin to 1-2 feet apart. It can also be started indoors and transplanted.


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