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White Flower Silver Dollar

Latin Name:

Lunaria annua alba

Silver Dollar is a biennial that is grown for the silvery white, flattened, disc-like seed pods. Plants bloom with clusters of white flowers in spring and make pods second summer after seeds are sown.

Pack of 25 seeds


Lunaria does put on quite a lovely show of white blooms in the spring, and the seed cases can be left on the plant for fall and winter appeal. Also known as Honesty, of the genus Lunaria, money plants are named for their fruit, with pods dry to flat silverish discs about the size of — you guessed it — silver dollars.

Lunaria Silver Dollar is technically a biennial. This means that after the flower seed is sown, the first year will produce foliage and the second year will produce the display of flowers. After flowering, the white Honesty plant will typically die. However, it easily re-seeds itself and once it is established, it will continue to produce a display each years. Sow Money Plant seeds directly outdoors in the spring. Cover the flower seed lightly and keep moist.


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